Tuesday, July 19, 2011

It's hard not to love The Vaselines.

... Listening to Jesus Doesn't Want Me For A Sunbeam on Nirvana Unplugged, Kurt said it was by the Vaselines. He had mentioned them a lot before as his favourite song-writers and inspirations. So I decided to find out who these amazing people were!

Frances McKee & Eugene Kelly.

They are an alternative punk rock band, with pop vibes formed in Glasgow in 1986. I see why Nirvana loved to play their songs. They are incredible. Amazing songwriters and musicians. I've played the hell out of Dum-Dum, there's some really cute songs with a hard edge. I love listening to their EPs, especially Son of a Gun, which was their first release. It's a fun listen. I actually haven't properly listened to their new album Sex with an X, I'm too wrapped up in their old work. They played a lot of the songs from it when I saw them, and I was very impressed so I'm going to download that album later. I doubt I'll be disappointed!

So when they released their first album in nearly 20 years, I got a bit excited. It's a beautiful album. Then, I found out they were on tour and on their way to Ireland, to the Róisín Dubh pub in Galway city, which is an hour away from me. My mum also is into them after I made her a compilation CD for Christmas. We headed down to the Róisín last weekend to see them, and wow. What a great live band! They played their three classics; Son of a Gun, Molly's Lips and Jesus doesn't want me for a sunbeam. They played some other songs new and old, which I loved. There was just under 100 people there, it was a very intimate gig and it was amazing. Frances was making jokes but Eugene was quiet, focusing on his playing, which was perfect. I couldn't believe how they were so young and fresh sounding after being around for 20 years. Sure, they look a bit older but they're still rockin' out!

After the gig, Frances came out selling CD's and tshirts. I went over to talk to her and get a CD and she was the nicest woman, so genuine and kind. Not at all stuck-up. I told her I found the Vaselines through my favourite band, Nirvana. She was so lovely saying how her and the band have covered Lithium for an upcoming Nevermind tribute album for the 20th anniversary and how her own son says he prefers Nirvana's covers to the Vaselines! She signed a poster for me too. I left feeling that I'd seen something very important in the history of rock, The Vaselines and Nirvana themselves.

This video is from their gig in Cork, the night before I seen them. It's pretty much the same as the one I seen. I can't find any videos from the Galway one. I have some but it takes too long to upload!

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